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Hey Guys!

Big news is here! The first official CD recording is finished and we can not wayt to share the results with you. But you have not to wayt long for that. You can get it as an annex to the Hammer World released at the beginning of April 2014. The Blues n´ roll Tour 2014 starts a bit earlier. First concert is in Košice (Kassa) before the wellknown hungarian band Tankcsapda on 14th March 2014. You can see the other tour dates too on the page, wich number are going to grow by the time. So check them continuosly. 

Finally we can say this sentence: "we are mooving to the studio". Yes, the time had come to record our first official CD. The choice was the Denevér Studion in Szolnok (HU). 

Thanks to Hands of Doom!
You can read to a lot of news from a fresh more here!

Welcome on our new webpage. You can follow on the news, concert dates, pictures and videos beside the facebook on this page too.

We started out year 2014. Our five year of existence and common work we would like to celebrate with you with our first album released in spring. Plans for this year are: get to most places we can and play our music. Follow on with the dates of our Blues n´ Roll Tour 2014 and let us meet at the show!

Blues n´ Roll...:)

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