The founders Tibi and Jancsi established the Southern Comfort in Veľké Kapušany (Nagykapos) in April-May 2008.

- We agreed on to finally play a music we like from all our hearts after the challenges each of us had taken in different styles before. A few member changed at the beginning while the band exactly started to work in setup: Kiss Flóri (drums), Szilvási Tibi (keyboard), Vajda Jancsi (bass, vocals), Pankovics Peti (guitar).

- We all started our music lives very early each in different local bands including commercial music entertaining too. Our taste is not the same. We use to listen to different rock music. It did not bother us to find our own way, which we all feel as our one: hot and dirty blues, the rhythm n´ blues. It´s just a direction we started out. There are other styles influencing us as rock´n´roll, soul, and southern rock. Our name came from here: Southern Comfort. Real southern booze. A whisky from New Orleans.

- Three rehearsals passed and we were already on stage. Apart from a few common work we gave a show that made us not just to think about more serious work.

- First our shows included more songs we "borrowed" and reworked from bands we are fans of. Besides this work Jancsi had been bringing the themes, ideas. We worked all on these themes and ideas and the first Southern songs had born.

- In 2010 there was a change on guitar. Bínó Tibi replaced Pankovics Peti. We shook the songs a bit and released some new ones too. Until 2012 we were had already 10-12 songs. We picked up and recorded 5 from it like a kind of homemade demo. Our frind Dobránszky Márk had been helping us a lot with the recording. The name of the EP is "Csak lazán" – Chill out, and you can listen to them on webpage

- For this period is typical also that our band joined to more Talent Shows in Hungary, like: Pulzus (Budapest), Pop-rock-jazz (Paks), Éter (Salgótarján), Szobrock (Hajdúszoboszló), etc. We got home with a lot of experience and prizes from them. One of our prize was also a video clip recording possibility. The song "Rázd fel a véred" – Shake your blood was picked up to make the clip in Corner Stage in Miskolc. You can see it from July 2012 on the biggest worldwide video share page.

- Thanks to the good fate, our willingness and our sponsors we could move to the Denevér studio in Szolnok (Hungary) in July 2013 for recording our first CD.

- 2013 is the year when Bínó Tibi decides to leave the band. Mészáros Szabi is the one, who takes over his place.

- In 2014 the band decides for a tour to present the CD.

Let us meet at the shows...! Blues n´ roll...!